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The Pitch
Euroscreenwriters is a no-nonsense online resource for working and/or aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers. We're not here to make money like so many other sites. We're film professionals, not webmasters. We merely wish to present inspirational interviews, articles and other bits and pieces that we, ourselves, find useful in our work in the film industry. If others find the content useful, too, then that is payment in itself. Sure, there are Google ads on the pages, but that is to increase the googleability of the site.

The Back Story
Euroscreenwriters was founded in 1997 as a counterweight to all the screenwriting sites based in America and aimed at American screenwriters. The site endevoured to provide content with a European angle and based on the European storytelling tradition. A website was launched aimed at European screenwriters, both aspiring and established, and based on the European storytelling traditions.

At it's peak, the website also featured a showcase of European screenwriting talent including short bios and cv's for 130 writers from over 20 countries. Ah... the glory days. When we were kings, once were warriors... and all that.

The site blossomed like an untended garden and soon became too much of a handful for me to update. It was time to get on with my own career. I decided to stop updating and get busy. All the articles and interviews however are still available online here and occasionally new ones are added if deemed appropriate.


Mikael Colville-Andersen
Copenhagen, Denmark.