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Stripy Streetness (2009)
Photography book featuring photos of zebra crossings/crosswalks - those instantly recognisable symbols on the urban landscape. 130 photographs from 10 countries celebrating the painted bridges that guide the bustling masses of pedestrians through a city. The zebra crossing is not a destination it itself but it is an important tool in getting yourself from A to B. It funnels all types of people together into one space, for a few brief minutes of togetherness. We are strangers but while waiting for the light to change and for those dozen or so steps through the zone we are in a flock. This photo series shows city life and city people framed within the zebra crossing. People coming and going and waiting. All of them telling us stories with their body language. Wide strides or short steps. Hunched shoulders or head held high. The zebra crossing becomes a stage on which people around the world are brought together.

Cycle Chic (2011)
A montage of the defining photographs from the Cycle Chic series.
To be published by Thames & Hudson in 2011.