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Welcome to Zakka West. A film, a statement, a state of mind...

Zakka West is a simple portrait of this generation of individuals who increasingly shy away from relationships in the pursuit of Self. It is a love story with focus on the two people involved and not much else. Olly & Lulu. After all, love isn't a team sport. It is 2 people battling inner emotions with little regard for the world around them. It's an indiefilm about 2 people determined to be independent.

The film portrays the naïveté inherent in this modern individualism and it does so with an elegant simplicity. In the dramaturgy, in the characters and in the uncomplicated soundtrack, featuring melancholy pop and blues by new Danish artists like Saybia, Jupiter Day, Racing Ape, among others.

Zakka West is a cool, fresh and sentimental film made by cool, fresh and sentimental people. Its simplicity and melancholy provides space in which one can harbour and digest thoughts and emotions, long after one leaves the cinema. Cool, fresh and sentimental - like the generation that inspired the film. An exclusive little indie film accessible to the few.

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